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Two Free Birds

Shit happens and sometimes sharing it with strangers is better than therapy.

Yes, my friends, I am starting my own blog. This is why my over-sharing slowed to, um, zero. It’s been a year(ish) since Lisa and I started Two Free Birds and let’s face it, I think I found my niche in over-sharing. I do it so often that I decided to just start my own site. I’m not exactly sure what makes my new blog different from this one, other than I will now only be responsible for embarrassing myself, but I’m pretty excited about it (what’s to be excited about, I’m only adding to the internet trail sure to come back to haunt me someday).

Over the past year(ish) on Two Free Birds, I basically blogged my way out of the break-up rut. So, I guess it was better than therapy! Although, I probably should have just jotted some things down on paper and burned them ritualistically in the fireplace rather than expose them to everyone I know (and some strange passersby googling things about weird nipples [yes, the search term “weird nipples” led people to this blog]).

In closing, you can look forward to more shameless over-sharing, tales about my friends and their bad taste in men (I’m pretty much solely referring to the Dumbledore’s Army guy), and all the other random crap I should probably just keep to myself here. I’m calling this new blog Everything’s Blurry … because with the amount of alcohol my single self consumes, it pretty much always is.

P.S. I’m kidding, grandma.


P.P.S. Lisa, I’m going to miss you. Looking forward to our next project ;).


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