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Two Free Birds

Shit happens and sometimes sharing it with strangers is better than therapy.

Maura Kelly asked, “Should fatties get a room (even on TV)?”  And boy did she get a response.

That article pissed off a lot of people… a lot of fat people.  Kidding (Maura haters are crazy).  Kidding again (I’m scared).   Actually, I’m not afraid, I AM TERRIFIED.  Not to mention disgusted by the response her article is still receiving.  We Americans sure are a bunch of quick-to-judge, unforgiving jerks.  If you say something we don’t like…


Poor Maura Kelly, a blogger I quite enjoy, is getting one hell of a backlash for her comments about a sitcom starring two obese actors.  She is less than trilled to watch fat people on TV, as you probably already guessed, and the American public is less than thrilled about her aversion to belly rolls.  I say, who cares?  Really?  Are the things she said so horrible?  Insensitive sure, but everyone can be accused of that from time to time.  I’m not even going to get into the fact that her opinion on fat stems from her own body image issues, that was obvious to anyone who actually followed her blog.  One bad post doesn’t make her a bad person.  She’s well-read, intelligent, and has an enviable vocabulary; something many of her haters lack.

I’m not saying she doesn’t deserve any flack over her post,  but the intensity of the backlash she’s received is undeserved and far more offensive than anything she said in the article. Now she can’t post about anything without a mob of 100 angry women trying mercilessly to get her fired.  It’s almost pathetic how far these people will go—picketing outside of Marie Claire and comparing her dislike of obesity to racism.  There is nothing she could or can do to atone for her words.  Her haters see only the red of rage and the height of their emotion is crowd fueled.  It really goes to show just how cruel people can be… and how ironically hypocritical.  One person posted a picture of her exclaiming, “You can’t fix ugly.”  Insinuating that you can at least fix fat but Maura’s ugly is forever.  Maura’s only problem is she is actually a decent person and therefore, no one expected her to be such a fatty hater.  If she was some asshole comedian she’d have gotten away with it.  She should have made it all a joke.  Make it funny and you can pretty much say whatever you want… is it too late for her to post LOL, j/k?

Look, if I can forgive my grandmother for telling me, “You’re a beautiful girl, but there is nothing pretty about fat,” then the American people should be able to get over words written by someone they don’t even know.  I mean, for god’s sake, why are we vilifying Maura Kelly when Vogue Curvy runs articles about candy themed hotel rooms for fat girls (oh, I’m sorry, curvy girls)?  Turn all your crazy, mob fueled hate on Vogue, where it belongs.  I think poor Maura has learned her lesson.


P.S. One person said to Maura via her comments, “You make me ashamed of people.”  I felt like replying, “diddo.”


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